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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow my profile?

At this time we recommend posting the promotional assets you received in the onboarding deck. For users that have not only posted the assets but also stuck to the schedule, we have seen great results.Also, Platinum and Gold members have the ability to also list their credits with - doing this will allow your profile to show up in the sonic-based matching feature we offer for artists. This feature allows artists to upload their song to receive 3 Engineer recommendations from the platform. Also, keep in mind once you become verified on the platform you will become visible to artists using the search page on the platform.We encourage engineers to merge their work from off the platform. This allows engineers to quickly become verified, resulting in more exposure on the platform.EngineEars goal is to empower engineers, eliminating any confusion or inconvenience while getting paid. We offer a Klarna payment option for artists that allows you to break up the payment over time. I would also recommend sending this video to any artist you plan to or want to work with.

I am an engineer, how can I change my schedule/update my calendar?

You are able to use the "currently booking" switch on your profile - simply go to your profile and press "edit profile". From here you will see the "currently booking" switch to show clients whether you are allowing bookings at that time.To make changes to your schedule individually:1. Go to your profile and select the service in which you would like to change your availability for. (If your goal is to block a certain day, be sure to edit your schedule for all services listed.)2. If no changes need to be made to pricing - press "save package" and it will take you to the window that allows you to edit your schedule.3. Press "save preferences" to lock in the changes made to your schedule.Please let us know if you are still having issues setting this up. We are here to help!

How can I generate a discount promo code/link for my artist?

You can opt in for company wide promos on your Dashboard or you can create your own custom promo code from your dashboard. In addition, you can use the ‘Generate Booking’ feature where you can create a custom link for your customer and override the price to whatever you want it to be.

What if I miss my onboarding call?

If you miss your onboarding call, please reach out to and a specialized representative will assist you in joining a new onboarding call.

How do I upload STEMS?

Listed below are export and upload instructions for Logic X Pro, Pro Tools, and Ableton to help both parties involved in the project.

These are also hosted on the platform when you are in the flow of a project, located in the bottom right corner.

Logic X Pro

Full Stems - Export/Upload Instructions

Two Track - Export/Upload Instructions

Pro Tools

Full Stems - Export/Upload Instructions

Two Track - Export/Upload Instructions

Engineer Upload Instructions


Full Stems - Export/Upload Instructions

Two Track - Export/Upload Instructions

Why can’t I list services?

Have you attended an Onboarding Call? If you have not received an onboarding invitation, please remain patient as we are diligently onboarding users weekly. We will reach out when it is your turn.We are currently allowing limited access to be a verified engineer on EngineEars, so we can be as involved as needed in any project and give focused attention to any issues that arise.By doing this, we can make sure we stay on track to develop & build the best platform for you. In the meantime thank you for being patient. We will reach out when it is your time to be onboarded.

How long is the waitlist?

We truly appreciate your interest in joining the EngineEars community! Unfortunately, we are unable to give an approximate time for the wait but I can assure you we are working on it tirelessly to see all experienced engineers are onboarded. In the meantime, here's a little more information on our onboarding process.1. Once you sign up and create your Engineer Profile you’re automatically placed on the waitlist. There are currently thousands of engineers on the waitlist. Please allow time as we are diligently working to assure we are giving each engineer a personalized onboarding experience.2. Once we have the tools and features built and implemented to onboard your group, you’ll receive an email inviting you to join a mandatory 30-minute onboarding call. (Check your spam/promotional folders periodically)

How do I get verified?

Once on board, In order to be verified you’ll need to complete 5 mixing projects or 5 mastering projects through the platform to be submitted for internal review, internal review could take up to 2 weeks. If you pass the review, you’ll be verified. If not we’ll provide feedback and you’ll be able to submit projects in the future for review.

What payment options does EngineEars offer?

The payment options we offer for customers are PayPal, Cashapp, Apple Pay, Google Pay, StretchPay with Klarna, as well as Debit/Credit Card payments.

What are the different service types offered on EngineEars?

A 2-Track mixing project is a stereo-mix (contains 2 speakers, a left and a right) that contains an already bounced instrumental and stemmed out vocals (stemmed out = multiple files). The engineer will have less control over each individual element within the beat/instrumental as it is bounced into one file - however, the engineer will have complete control over the vocals. A Full-stem mixing project is a stereo-mix (contains 2 speakers, a left and a right) - this is the most common mix you see/hear. The engineer has complete control over each individual element within the stemmed out beat/instrumental - as well as the stemmed out vocals. A Mastering project is the next step after the mixing process, it’s the process of preparing and optimizing recorded audio for distribution. The goal of mastering is to ensure that the audio sounds consistent across different playback systems and to make it as loud and impactful as possible without introducing distortion or other audio artifacts. For mastering, the engineer will only need the mixed down, final version of the audio in a high-resolution format such as WAV or AIFF.A Dolby Atmos mixing project contains a 7.1 speaker setup (7 positioned speakers and 1 sub) which allows the engineer the ability to place and move sounds in a 3D environment with more precision, allowing for even more creative possibilities.

How do I add service types?

To add another service to your profile, simply log in to your EngineEars account and click the 'view profile' option in the top right corner. Next, click the 'edit profile' option underneath your banner - then scroll down to the bottom of the page where your services are listed. You should see the option "Add New Package" next to the packages you have listed currently.

How do I update my profile photo?

You are able to update your profile photo by logging into EngineEars and clicking 'View Profile' under your username in the top right corner. From here, click “edit profile” and you will have the option to upload a new profile picture.

How do I change/update my user name?

You are able to update your username by logging into EngineEars and clicking in the 'Account Details' section within the settings page. You can locate the settings page by clicking in the top right corner where your username is.Click here for step by step Instructions to update your username

How do I change/update my payment information?

You are able to update your payments by logging into EngineEars and clicking 'Manage Payments' within the settings page under your username in the top right corner.

Can I submit records completed outside of the EngineEars platform for verification?

In order to become eligible for verification on EngineEars, you must complete either 5 mixing projects or 5 mastering projects from start-to-finish on the platform to be entered into verification.

How do I upload my past work to my profile?

At the moment, you are only able to upload music to your portfolio that has been completed through EngineEars or has been credited through To do this, go to your profile and select ‘edit profile’. Then, navigate to the portfolio folder and select a song you would like to display. (Note: this will require approval from the artist if you are an engineer). To add credits, go to your profile and select ‘edit profile’. Then, navigate to the folder and select ‘add credits’. This will prompt you to type in your profile name. Once you find your profile, it will be reviewed internally to verify your credentials. Once verified, your credits will be available for you to select which credits you would like to display on your profile.

How do I get certified for Dolby Atmos?

To have access to the Dolby Atmos Course, you must be verified through EngineEars, as well as be a platinum member. You can find all information regarding the Dolby courses on our Cummunity page at

How do I overwrite the 6 song discount?

You can use the "Generate Booking" button on your dashboard to pre-define the entire package and then use "Overwrite price" in order to set the price for the whole package to be exactly what you want.

What if I am already certified for Dolby Atmos?

In order to receive the Dolby Certified Badge on your profile, please send 2 Dolby Atmos mixed tracks of yours as well as a copy of your certification to We will internally review your submissions and reach out to you with the results!

I chose the wrong account type, how do I change it?

To change this, log in to your EngineEars account and click the "View Profile" option. Once on your profile, press the "Edit Profile" option on the right side under your banner. Here you will be able to unselect your initial account type choice and change it to your intended account type.

I am having trouble signing in and ‘reset password’ is not working?

If you cannot login and the ‘reset password’ option is not working it is because the email associated with the account has not been verified. Please refer to the most recent verification email that was sent by EngineEars and click the link to verify your email. Once your email is verified you will be able to login and use the ‘reset password’ feature for future issues.

How do I upgrade, pause, or cancel my membership?

All of our members have full autonomy with their memberships. To upgrade, pause, or cancel your membership, please visit your EngineEars Dashboard and navigate to the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner. Select ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu, this will bring you to a page where you can manage payment and manage your subscription. Select ‘manage your subscription’ and select the option that best suits your needs.

Does an artist have to create an account in order to book an engineer?

Yes, the artist would need to create an account/profile to book an engineer for their services. However, an engineer can create a booking link and send it to an artist that does not have an account. When the artist clicks ‘book’ it will prompt them to create an account/profile. An engineer can also send a booking link, of an unfunded project mix, to an artist to review. If the artist likes the mix, they click ‘book’ and are prompted to create a profile.

I am an artist, how do I upload STEMS for my engineer to mix?

To upload STEMS, first, make sure all of your STEMS are exported correctly. Once your STEMS are exported, highlight all of the STEMS, right-click, and then select ‘Compress’. This will create a .zip file. Rename this file accordingly and upload this .zip file to EngineEars for your engineer to download.

What are STEMS?

STEMS are all of the individual parts of a song exported to their own track. These are used by the engineer to rebuild the song while being able to control/manipulate each sound as they see fit.

What if I notice a bug/issue with the platform?

If you notice a bug on the platform or are experiencing an issue, please reach out to customer support at and a specialized representative will provide assistance.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my mix/master from my engineer?

If you are unhappy with your mix/master, you may request a revision from your engineer. If revisions have not proven to be useful in getting the sound you want, please reach out to customer support at and a specialized representative will assist you in opening a project dispute.

How do I get a refund?

To inquire about a refund please contact and a specialized representative can assist you in all refunds, kill fee’s, and project disputes.

How do I cancel my project?

To cancel a project, please contact and a specialized representative can assist you in resolving all of your project issues.

I've selected a Gold/Platinum membership / where do I find the educational courses & plugin demos?

All Gold and Platinum members get exclusive access to our in-depth plugin tutorial videos, showcased by some of the industry's best! In addition, Gold/Platinum members also get access to our educational courses including our Dolby Atmos Certification program. All of this exclusive content and information can be found on the EngineEars Community page. You can access the Community page via the icon at the top of your Dashboard or by visiting